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There are nine Great Gods in The Omne; one for each Religion.

The Greats are the only beings powerful enough to harness what is known as true ‘Godship’ abilities. Although Minor Gods also possess their own style of Godship magic, their powers are only a fraction of a Greats.

Creatures across the universe, including Minor Gods, are raised to follow one Religion and worship one Great. Worship often depends on ones species and overall heritage. Creatures may not swap to another Religion; doing so is near impossible as it takes years to master a Level 1 ability.

Religions also imprint themselves on ones soul. Whenever a creature passes away and their spirit is extracted by the God of Death or those with the – unusual – ability to extract, the soul mimics the color associated with the Religion the individual practiced.


God of worship: Wrath
Primary wielders: Demons
Realm of Origin: Infernum


Level 1: Shadows
Level 2: Fire
Level 3: Torture

Godship ability: Possession

Known history:

The God of Evil was once the Great God for this Religion.
After an event concerning Wrath however, Evil was demoted to a Minor God while Wrath ascended in his place.
Wrath maintained the original sigil in spite of Evil’s failures.


God of worship: Undead
Primary wielders: Vampires
Realm of Origin: Immortuos


Level 1: Necromancy
Level 2: Petrification
Level 3: Summoning

Godship ability: Disease

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Death
Primary wielders: Kitsunes
Realm of Origin: Tenebris


Level 1: Deceit
Level 2: Telekinesis
Level 3: Soul Manipulation

Godship ability: Death Touch

Known history:

Many remember the original banner for the Dark Religion. Upon the Goddess of Death’s ironic demise, her successor swapped the sigil to a silver dragon. Only close friends of the new God know the motive behind this change; rumors concerning the change often center around sentimental and chaotic reasonings.


God of worship: Chaos
Primary wielders: Centaurs
Realm of Origin: Chaos


Level 1: Luck
Level 2: Hex
Level 3: Allure

Godship ability: Chaos Manipulation

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Time
Primary wielders: Unknown
Realm of Origin: Vicius


Level 1: Pause Time
Level 2: Foresight
Level 3: Astral Projection

Godship ability: Time Travel

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Order
Primary wielders: High Elves
Realm of Origin: Ordos


Level 1: Intellect
Level 2: Lightning
Level 3: Obedience

Godship ability: Order Manipulation

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Life
Primary wielders: Nymphs
Realm of Origin: Naturae


Level 1: Botany
Level 2: Shapeshifting
Level 3: Telepathy

Godship ability: Life

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Water
Primary wielders: Mermaids
Realm of Origin: Aquarius


Level 1: Aqua Teleportation
Level 2: Water Manipulation
Level 3: Ice

Godship ability: Water Creation

Known history: TBD


God of worship: Holiness
Primary wielders: Angels
Realm of Origin: Aurae


Level 1: Deflection
Level 2: Air Manipulation
Level 3: Power Negation

Godship ability: Divine Influence

Known history: TBD