The Authors

In a book, combine the following:

4 cups – Chaotic – for creativity, insanity, obsession, and spontaneity
4 cups – Lawful – for attention to detail, planning, discipline, and development

Balance is key, though a dash greater than the other may slip depending on the flavor du jour.

2 cups – Dark – for poetic musings and drama that’ll spice up plotlines

This is important for consistency. If the melancholy is too much though, balance it out with a dash of Nature; its grounding abilities are proven to be effective.

Optional ingredients, depending on the chapter:

1/4 cup – Demonic – for questionable scenes that’ll worry my mother
1/4 cup – Holy – to restore faith in all those who question my madness
1/2 teaspoon – Undead – for midnight inspirations
1/2 teaspoon – Nature – for worldly inspirations
1/2 teaspoon – Aquaric – for oceanic inspirations

Optimal temperature for motivation is 23° C for up to 28 hours a week; if it’s any warmer, I’m on vacation.

In a book, collect the following:

47 Teacups and saucer sets – From Tenebris –  Sometimes, eloquence is important
278 Movies – From Terra – To absorb remarkable imageries
22 Hats – From Nix or Aestas – Always be prepared
352 Pieces of jewelry – From Cantata – To add extra charm
59 Skulls and bones – From Immortuous – Darkness can be good for the soul
698 Craft supplies – From Miraculum – A dose of creativity
126 Books – From Somnium and Somnum Exterrreri – Open the mind
28 Rocks – From Naturae – Simplicity is beauty
278 Movies – From Terra – To absorb remarkable imageries
44 Horror memorabilia – From Infernum – Because gore isn’t always bad
18 Unique hair colors – From Chaos – To keep things different

Plus, have a journal or notebook handy everywhere you can to record ideas at any hour. The bedside table is the best place for midnight thoughts.