Damaged Goods

The Shadows of Wrath

Supremacy, Immortality and Demonic Magic.

Welcome to Terra, where a third of the Realm is owned by the sons of the God of Wrath, Forrest and Jason Carson. Journey alongside the brothers and learn their past as they struggle with the God of Death, his Hunters, and two unlikely companions: Lola Hart, the cyclone of Chaos, and Vitane Todd, a Human with a slim chance of survival.

Tensions will rise to new heights and the Omne will be hurled into its greatest discord.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great read from start to finish. The introduction was awesome and really drew me in to the story. Helped me to understand the world they created. I love the story line and characters. It had romance, fantasy and action which was really cool cause I am a fan of all three genres. Definitely can’t wait for the second book because the ending left me reeling with enthusiasm. I highly recommend this book!!

– Jesus Emmanuel Guajardo

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Forrest and Jason Carson are the sons of Wrath. They have lived their whole lives embracing and fighting the wrath that is always with them. Following their lives through the centuries, the lives of immortals, a demon and a kitsune. Magic, love, scheming, and supernaturals are just the beginning of life on Terra.

– Susannah Hastings

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hellenism-esque Gods and Goddesses contend with themselves and each other in a cosmos that is as mysterious as it is vast. The various extremes of personality, well-known to fans of polytheistic mythology, fuse together in a vortex of drama and horror that holds the entire Omne (the vast universe engineered by the story’s authors) in the balance. 

– Trevor Schmidt