There are twenty-one known Realms in the Omne.

These barren worlds were created by the God of Realms, Cixlios. The Archangel built foundations for future rulers to mold in accordance to their personality and power. Each world has a ruler with the exception of Terra, a neutral, non-magical territory where creatures may co-exist.

Every world is filled with unique sights, customs and exceptional histories.

Note: maps and details will be added as soon as available


Pronunciation: Ten-ah-bris
Population: TBD
Species: TBD
Climate: TBD
Religion: Dark
Language: Tenebran
High class: Fallen Angels
Low Class: Kitsune’s


Pronunciation: Teh-rah
Population: 1,111,055,816
Species: Varied
Climate: Seasonal
Religion: Varied
Language: Terrian
High class: Immortals
Low Class: Humans

The Realm of Terra is the only non-magical world where all of the Omne’s creatures co-exist. Human’s are nearly extinct, yet Human skin is a norm here. The rules of Order apply, so don’t get caught with your tail out.

Known as the central dimension, portals connecting other Realms are distributed throughout this world. Home to diverse climates, Religions, and creatures, it is an ideal dimension for those wanting to escape sovereignty. Although no Gods rule this land, a few Immortals such as the Carson’s are proprietors of certain regions.

Explore this Realm in the first installment of the Damaged Goods Trilogy: the Shadows of Wrath.

Other Realms

AestasSummer Realm
AquariusWater Realm
AuraAir Realm
AuraeHoly Realm
CantataEnchanted Realm
Chaos Chaotic Realm
ImmortuosUndead Realm
InfernumHellish Realm
IudicesJudgement Realm
MaledictumCursed Realm
MiraculumRealm of Wonder
NaturaeNature Realm
NixSnow Realm
OrdosRealm of Order
SilvaForest Realm
SolitudinemDesert Realm
SomniumDream Realm
Somnum ExterreriNightmare Realm
TenebrisGateway Realm
TerraEarth Realm
ViciusRealm of Time