Our project commenced in 2017 on the Roleplay Gateway website. After months of obsessive contributions, we realized we had something exceptional. What started as a simple story morphed into an entire universe; thus, the Omne unfolded. It’s a project we explore, collaborate, and build on the daily, alongside our first trilogy, the Damaged Goods series.

It’s incredible to think that without the internet we never would have met. Separated by a border, we live in different countries. Apart from our passion for writing, not only do we have a similar vision for what we do, but we share peculiar coincidences; whether it’s our mutual unremarkable love for Cheetos or the strange fact that our conceptions revolved around boats…

No longer can you meet one of us and not hear about the Omne. Our lives are completely intertwined with this fantasy world and as it continues to evolve, so do we. This has been an incredible journey of excitement, patience, passion, challenges, hardships, and best of all…growth.

I’m a city girl turned country thanks to my wonderful husband. I love traveling and going to concerts; often live music is my reason to travel and I aspire to do more of both. I spend too much time playing videos games; a lot of my inspiration comes from Elder Scrolls, Mortal Kombat, and Fable. I also enjoy building Legos and dabbling in Photoshop. 

On a fulltime basis I work in a corporate career, but every chance I get my time is dedicated to obsessing over the Omne project. Everyday I’m working on something Omne related, whether I’m simply writing or editing a chapter, building maps, tweaking our website, or mentally collaborating; my mind is always “in it” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Through the ups and downs of this journey, I love every moment of it. I strive to continuously better my skills – especially my writing. I’ve learned that motivation is a lie; it’s fleeting and unreliable. On days where I have zero desire to be productive, I push myself to do something – anything. With this discipline I’ve developed a habit of writing thirty minutes a day and if I truly can’t write, I dedicate that time to something else. After all, if I can mindlessly watch Netflix for hours on end, what’s thirty minutes of my day towards something like this?

I could rant about this project and DG forever. It’s my passion. I’m grateful for my co-author and her infinite patience with me; especially on days where I’m moody or changing the plot for the dozenth time. All in all, the Omne and the DG Trilogy bring me so much joy; I am eternally blessed for this project and everything about it.

It’s easy to see that I’ve always had a bit of a darker “edge” when it comes to things that I like. My style, my collections, and my love for Halloween. I think it’s a fun head turner when I tell people that I have an accumulation of bones, dried bugs, and wet specimens. I find that I get a lot of inspiration through music and fantasy in general. I play DnD every week with my boyfriend and it’s always enjoyable to exercise creating new characters. Aside from the Omne project, I’m a full-time student working towards my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and plan to go ahead onto getting my Masters as well.

I’ve loved writing my entire life and at the age of twelve, I knew one of my dreams was to publish a book. Now with the help of my co-author, we’ve created a universe and it’s far more than I ever could have imagined. I get excited when I come up with a new book photography idea and how to execute the image in my head – applying my creativity in a visual still. Doing anything Omne-related is a blast from collaborating to nit picking the same sentence for thirty minutes. There’s always room for improvements, and I want to better myself in my writing skills. It’s easy for me to talk to people and one subject I always find a way to lump in is about our book. If people will let me, I’ll tell them all they need to know about our universe and how it all started.

I adore my co-author and her measure of understanding of all that I’ve been through these last few years. It’s been an uphill battle at times, but I know I can always depend on her; as a partner, and as my best friend. This entire experience has been life changing and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it because it’s always a work in progress and that’s okay, so is life! I’m truly blessed and honored to work alongside Stef and be able to call this Omne ours.

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