The Realm of the Dead. Where Ghosts wander and wail awaiting their judgement day; lingering in the endless time until the God of Death finally sentences them. Immortals who have ironically perished, adorn the dark purple sky surrounding the giant moon which never sets. The lethal Realm is not designed for vegetation, although luscious violets have always flourished. It is home to gorgeous silver Dragons and though the population is scarce, Fallen Angels too. The stains from blackened tears are found on every face, for all living residents or invited visitors are plagued with their own unique Burden and find themselves drowning in self pity. Dare to be reckless in the infinite night? This Realm is not made for healing.

Tenebris: the stepping stone to eternal salvation or endless torment.

*** the map is interactive ***

Tavern? Garden of Fallen Gods


Garden of Fallen Gods